Jeevanshu - Renault Duster

Jeevanshu - Renault Duster


Age - 28 years old


Owns a Renault Duster


Works as an Actuarial Analyst


Driving for 5 years

Jeevanshu is a fellow community member, I posted a request on the discord and he reached out to me. He owns 2 cars, Renault Duster and Toyota Etios but mostly drives Renault Duster more because of it's power. He has been driving the car for about 5 years now. He is not too much into the technical details of the car.

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What is the purpose of the car?

He uses his car during weekends and takes the car for a long drive occasionally. He does not use his car for his daily commute because he gets a cab service from his company. The drives are usually long because his friends places are pretty far away from one another.

What are some of the worst experiences with their car?

What are some activities performed to maintain/monitor car's performance?